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Drill Bit Set Wire Gauge

Drill Bit Set Wire Gauge

Black Oxide Wire Metal Index (60 Pack) Bosch parts keep your tools working their best for any application you can come up with. Features: 60 Pieces 0.0400" Shank Diameter Bosch has been in the headlines of state of the art development for over 100 years...

Top Quality HSS Miniature Drill Bits and Bonus Pin ViseSet Includes: 20 piece set tiny HSS drill bits numbered sizes # 61-80 (0.343mm - 0.991mm / 0.014" - 0.039") and pin vise. Conversion table:Bit Size #InchMM 800...

This Chicago-Latrobe HT18 uncoated (bright) drill bit and hand tap set contains 9 high-speed steel jobber length 150D drill bits with a 118-degree conventional point and 9 high-speed steel plug-chamfer hand taps for use in general-purpose applications on a range of materials, especially soft metals...

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Malco General Purpose High Speed Drill Bit Set 60 pc 1 60 Wire Gauge FJ60S, Anytime Tools 5 pc DIAMOND DRILL BIT SET for GLASS ROCK STONE TILE Wire Gauge , 20pc DIAMOND coated MICRO DRILL BITS INDEX 61 80 Wire Gauge Drill Set 200 Grit, Malco Orifice Drill Bit Set 20 pc 61 80 Wire Gauge FJ6180,

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