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Dremel Carving Bits

Dremel Carving Bits

Application: For processing of metallic and Non-metallic surfaces using an engraving machine or mini-Drill various forms of cutting part provide efficient processing of materials length is about 40mm,Shank Diameter is 3...

Set of 30 cutting burs 1/8-Inch Shank, 2 Class Diamond Titanium Coating. Use for ceramics, tile, glass.

•We all know that Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr is hard so now mostly the burrs in the market are dense and thick cutters. Because the wood's fire point is low and its oiliness is heavy so when cutting and carving, it's easy to get stuck if the temperature gets higher...

SE is proud to bring you this 30-Piece Set of Assorted Diamond-Coated Tip Burrs. All burrs have a 1/8” shank size that will fit most die grinders and rotary tools. The tip assortment ranges between tapered (reamer), cylindrical, conical and spherical—making this the only set you need to meet your honing, reaming, and finishing needs...

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